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Feedback From Our Clients

BG is a firm of dedicated, imaginative and creative attorneys who put their clients’ interests first while constantly maintaining exceptional professional integrity.  Each attorney brings their unique legal skills to help design and implement a successful and cost-effective resolution strategy.  BG is the ultimate partner for an in-house attorney in need of effective and practical legal advice.

Awesome work, Laura! I really appreciate this[.]

Thank you for your efforts in this matter.

Good job – Excellent work as always.

Britt – after 19 hours of mediation and a less than sterling mediator, your professional demeanor and focused attention to detail brought about a highly successful resolution saving my company millions of dollars.  In a word:  Thanks.

Britt – a successful MSJ in USDC which was confirmed on appeal to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals defeated a $15 Million creditors’ judgement.  Your legal counsel and successful advocacy is greatly appreciated.

Wrangling or not — a victory is a victory and congratulations are definitely in order…Again, congratulations on a job well done.I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work . . . . You are a true professional and it was a privilege working with you.

Thank you for a great job.

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent job you did to get this result. On behalf of [all of us], awesome job and thanks.

Excellent job.

You are a legend. Thank you, Laura.

Thanks to you … for your excellent work in this case.

Your counsel is on point and thought provoking as always.

[G]ood job on getting [opposing counsel] to see the light.

[Laura]… excellent settlement – thanks!

This is excellent and it is always nice to witness sanity prevail.

Thanks to everyone for your efforts to resolve this case. I am very happy we were able to get it settled.