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ERISA developments: The  U.S. Secretary of Labor advocates overhauling discretionary review at the Fifth Circuit in the Ariana M. appeal.  Read brief here: (view pdf)

Arbitrating an insurance dispute in Texas – Can you or can’t you? (view pdf)


“Are Policy Proceeds Actual Damages for Violations of the Insurance Code? The Texas Supreme Court in Menchaca Says: ‘Yes-If Claim is Covered.’,” Laura Grabouski (June 2017). Originally published in the Journal of Texas Insurance Law (Vol. 15 No. 2). (view pdf)

“Current Controversies over Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage,” Laura Grabouski (2014). Originally published in Coverage, a publication of the American Bar Association and reprinted with permission. (view pdf)

“Evidentiary Battles in Insurance Coverage Cases, from the Duty to Defend to the Duty to Indemnify,” Laura J. Grabouski (2012).  Originally published in Texas Journal of Insurance Law (Vol. 2 No. 4). (view pdf)

“When is ‘Late’ really Late?,” Laura Grabouski (2010).  Originally published in the Journal of Texas Insurance Law and reprinted here with permission. (view pdf)

“Application of the Business Risk Exclusions and Exceptions to Construction Defect Claims,” Laura Grabouski (2010)  Originally published in Coverage, a publication of the American Bar Association, and reprinted with permission. (view pdf)

“Shielding Discovery and the Public’s Right to Know: Motions to Seal & Protective Orders,” Laura Grabouski (2009) (view pdf)

“Pretrial Motions Practice in the Western District of Texas,” Britt Buchanan (2009) (view pdf)

“Clarifying the Confusion Over the “Business Risk” Exclusions and Other Related Construction Defect Topics,” Rebecca DiMasi and Laura Grabouski (2006) (view pdf)

Case Summaries

  • Court Requires Insured to:  Show Segregation/Allocation of Damages to Policy Period, and Comply with Prompt Notice Policy Terms (view pdf).
  • Texas Supreme Court finds attorneys’ billing records protected by work-product privilege.  Read analysis (view pdf).  See Court’s opinion (view pdf).
  • Texas Supreme Court Announces New Test for “Adversarial Trial” in Hamel (view pdf)
  • Trinity Universal Insurance Co., et al. v. Employers Mutual Casualty Co. (view pdf)
  • State Office of Risk Mgmt. v. Mary Lawton (view pdf)
  • PAJ, Inc. v. Hanover Insurance Co. and Prodigy Communications Corp. v. Agricultural Excess & Surplus Ins. Co.(view pdf)
  • Celadon Trucking Services, Inc. v. Martinez (view pdf)
  • Pendergest-Holt v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyds (view pdf)